​​​Tri-County Tag Service Inc.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Money Order, Checks, and Credit Cards.  Credit card transactions are charged an additional fee equal to the cost of acceptance for us, which is currently 4%.  All Debit Cards will be ran as credit and will be subject to the additional fee.  

Do we need an appointment?

No, we provide walk-in service only.  There is no appointment needed and no appointments available.

What are the steps for New Residents registering their vehicle(s) in Pennsylvania?

1.  Obtain your Pennsylvania Driver's License or Identification Card

2.  Obtain Pennsylvania Proof of Insurance

3.  Register Your Motor Vehicles

4.  Complete Safety / Emission Inspections within 10 days after registration is issued

What documents are needed for a title transfer?

1.  The Original Title to the vehicle

2.  All Sellers on the front of the title must be present with valid ID (for ALL PA Titles)

3.  All Buyers / Owners going onto the title must be present with valid Pennsylvania Drivers License, ID Card or a Military ID

4.  Bill of Sale

5.  The current odometer reading on the vehicle (not required for trailers, ATVs, Snowmobiles or Boats)

6.  Valid Insurance Card in the buyer's name (not required for Title Onlys, trailers, ATVs, Snowmobiles or Boats)

7.  All Company Transactions will require a Letter of Authorization for the signer to sign on behalf of the Company

The following are additional documents that may be needed, if applicable:

8.  Verification of the VIN Number and / or weights for all Out of State Vehicles

9.   Any Lien Satisfaction paperwork, if a lien is listed on the title and the loan has been paid in full

10.  If an Out of State Vehicle is being given as a gift, the seller must sign a MV13st Form and provide proof of sales tax paid 

11.  Any necessary name change documents, if name differs from title or ID

12.  If using a Power of Attorney, must have the Original Power of Attorney paperwork (Limited Power of Attorneys are only good for 90 days)

13.  Death Procedures require a Will and an Original Death Certificate or an Original Short Certificate.  If the deceased did not have a will, then the spouse and all adult children over the age of 18 will need to sign.  Contact our office for further details.

What do I do if I am a New Resident and I am still making payments on the vehicle or it is leased and I do not have the Original Title?

If you are a new resident, you will need to fill out an application to send to your bank to have them mail your title to us.  Please email us at info@tricountytag.com or visit our office to receive the form.  We need to make sure the right form is filled out, so this form can not be found online.  Please note that we are unable to provide any type of temporary registration until the title is received.

How do I get a VIN Verification for my Out of State Vehicle?

We are able to do VIN Verifications on passenger cars, light duty trucks and motorcycles.  Please bring the vehicle with you to our office.

For ALL TRAILERS and Commercial Trucks and Motor Homes the VIN and Weights must be certified by a PA Inspection Mechanic using form MV41.  

I am transferring a vehicle to my child, what do we need to bring with us?

Please see above for documents needed, but please note that if the title is going into your child's name only, we will need a valid Pennsylvania Insurance Card in their name.  We are only able to use the parent's policy if the child is listed as an additional insured on the policy or the parent will be listed as a co-owner on the vehicle.  This information can be located on the Policy Summary or Declaration Page for your policy.  Please bring these documents with you.

I already own a motorcycle, can I use the insurance card for my other motorcycles to obtain registration for my new motorcycle?

No, the insurance must be VIN Specific for Motorcycles, unless you have documentation stating that your current policy will extend to a new motorcycle.

I am titling a vehicle in my personal name, can I use an insurance card for my business to obtain registration for a vehicle I purchase?

No, at the time of titling you may not use a Commercial / Business Insurance Policy to cover a vehicle in your personal name and vice versa.  After initial titling, this would need to be discussed with your Insurance Agent.